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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review: Naruto & Bee vs. the 6 Jinchuurikis

The latest chapter of Naruto was released yesterday and it was so awesome that I almost fell from my seat from reading each page. Tobi was cool in this week's chapter (I'm no one), Naruto was bad-ass as well, and the cream of the crop - Two to Seven Tails Jinchuurikis are finally getting the spotlight!

My guess was right, Tobi's mask won't break in this week's chapter because it'll spoil the fun if it broke with a simple headbutt. And right after the "epic" headbutt, Roshi was the first to initiate the attack, using the Magma Element: Blazing Boulder Stream and making Naruto complain how hot it is. Oh and it gets better, right after Roshi's attack, Yagura counterattacks Naruto & Bee using Water Element: Water Mirror Technique (my favorite) and a mirror image of Naruto & Bee parries Naruto and Bee's attacks. Onto the next attacker, Utakata used his technique and as Naruto's body touched a bubble, it goes "boom" because of Utakata's Water Element: Bubble Boom Technique. My thought was, he'd recognize Naruto because Utakata already appeared in a filler episode and I presumed that Kishimoto would pay tribute to those Naruto filler episodes in his manga chapters, guess I was wrong there. Now here comes my favorite Jinchuuriki, Fū uses Secret Technique: Scale Camouflage, which presumably blinded Naruto and Bee. Han and Yugito proceeded in attacking Naruto and Bee but it was unsuccessful because Bee was wearing his signature shades, giving him immunity to blindness due to extreme light while Naruto can sense malice from afar, making him able to detect any kind of malicious attack even though it was so bright. Naruto and Bee parried both attacks from Han and Yugito, and I must say, Han is quite strong because Naruto hinted that Han is "strong" after a stream came out of Han's armor (this may be the factor of how strong he gets). Yugito pulls off a Lady Deathstrike while confronting Bee.

As the battle prolonged, Naruto commented on how he met the "other" Madara and asked as to who Tobi really is. Though Tobi just shrugged off Naruto's comment and told Naruto that he must fight and win against him if Naruto really wanted to know Tobi's true identity. And the most epic part comes to life - the former Jinchuurikis show off their own tails, ready to give us the fight of the century.

I must say, Kishimoto delivered a good story and art this week (Banzai KISHIMOTO). He really showed what the fans were mostly hoping to see, and next week, we'd get to see a real battle hopefully. Well then, here ends my review. See you here next time @ neo manga updates!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review: Who is the man behind that mask?

In Naruto 559: Reinforcements Arrive, readers were in a state of shock when it was revealed that Uchiha Madara was dead (because he was summoned through the use of Edo Tensei by Kabuto) and it leaves a BIG question. Who is the man behind that mask?

Who is Tobi?

Naruto fans all over the world are in the midst of argument as to who is really Tobi.

Here is a little background about Tobi:

  • Leader of Akatsuki
  • Secret Leader of Kirigakure
  • Partner of Deidara (after Sasori died)
  • Claims to be the second Sage of the Six Paths
  • Claims to be Madara
  • Cannot be hit by normal attacks.
My speculation is, Tobi is Madara's ghost/soul (now don't go flaming me, it is my mere speculation). In a literal sense, he acts as one though because he is intangible most of the time (props to Minato for actually hitting Tobi before dying at the hands of the Kyuubi). He also knows the past about Madara (telling Sasuke about "his" past, though some are lies) and what intrigues me the most is that, he is wielding the same weapon as Uchiha Madara - the Gunbai ( How about you? Who do you root for as the true identity of Tobi?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trivia: Luffy is a girl?

Did I catch your attention? Probably YES! But wait, don't let the title mislead you. What I meant can be understood in a different way and that will be the trivia for today. In the Japanese voice acting industry, some of the male anime characters are voiced by female seiyuus (Japanese term for voice actors/actresses). You know where this is heading right? That's RIGHT! Monkey D. Luffy, the one who'll be the Pirate King someday is also voiced by a female seiyuu and her name is Mayumi Tanaka. Those who watch the One Piece raw/subbed episodes would probably think that "it's impossible" or "I can't believe it",  but now, their thoughts would completely change. What's surprising is that, although Mayumi Tanaka-sensei is already 56 years old, she has that voice that would make the listeners believe that Luffy is voiced by a young male seiyuu. Banzai JAPAN! for having those kinds of talents. And here ends our trivia update, see you next time and don't forget to check everyday for new updates, trivia and reviews.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trivia: Naruto's voice "actor"

Most of you who watch Naruto Shippuuden with Japanese Audio would probably think that Naruto has a male voice actor. Sad to say, what you thought was wrong. Uzumaki Naruto, the most unpredictable ninja, also has an unpredictable Japanese voice "actor". That's right, you read it right! Naruto is voiced by a female seiyuu (Japanese term for voice actors/actresses) and she is Junko Takeuchi. I bet you can't believe what you just read, but the truth is really surprising. Even I myself can't believe it when I first came to know this information. So there you have it, trivia is served hot! Check out my blog if you want to know more trivia about Naruto, Bleach & One Piece.  

Naruto manga update: No Naruto next week

Just when the battle heats up, we got a break next week. Although we'll be waiting for a long time for Chapter 564, this week's chapter kicks ass. We get to see the 5 Kages work together and battle against the "Edo-Tensied" Madara while Naruto meets and headbutts the "Fake Madara", what more can you ask for? Check it out!

Naruto, Vol. 53